Quickly and for a specific need

We give new shape and durability to your iron.

We have decades experience in manufacturing load-bearing welds and consumables. Machined and heat-treated metal parts manufactured by us transmit power and endure hard wear.
We have 35 years of strong expertise, which we are now ready to put at your disposal.

We tailor our services according to your needs.

Joleikon Ltd is a respected subcontractor for the metal industry. We have earned the trust of many successful companies. Our services include machining and metal heat treatment.
Our operations are based on the needs and criteria of the customer. Higher quality is not our aim, it is our strength!
Our strong financial standing bodes well for a long-term partnership with you the customer!


We tailor our services flexibly according to your needs. We do what we promise, and we do it quickly, reliably and flexibly. Our efficiency supports the success of our customers. Our production is highly automated. We work in three shifts to ensure reliable delivery even at a short notice.

Heat treatment

Few machining plants also provide heat treatment services. We do! With heat treatment, materials can be given the desired properties. These include endurance and strength. Heat treatment can be used to significantly adapt the properties of the material to correspond to the user needs. Our expertise plays a significant role in the quality of the end products.


Joleikon Ltd is a company wholly owned by Leimet Ltd, with roots and operations in Lappi in the Satakunta region of Finland. The group's parent company Leimet Ltd specialises in piling joint elements and rock points, while Joleikon Ltd specialises in machining and heat treatment.
We work according to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

We provide you:

• Machining services
• Metal heat treatment services
• Machining and heat treatment
• Machining, heat treatment and parts assembly
• Machining, heat treatment, parts assembly and set packaging
• When needed, we provide everything from one counter
Contact us:
Joleikon Oy
Sepäntie 3
FIN-27230 Lappi
Tel: +358 2 826 1700
Email: benjamin.lohtander(at)joleikon.fi

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